Fletco Carpets Nordic LockTiles® – The Patented Precision Cut Carpet Tile

Product description

LockTiles® is an innovative and patented carpet tile shape with laser-cut edges. The unique design created by Fletco Carpets allows for tiles to be installed in the same direction creating a seamless broadloom effect with minimal visible joints. 

The Nordic flatwoven carpet collection is available in the LockTiles® shape and the sustainability impacts of this product are displayed on Firstplanit. The flat woven tiles are incredibly durable, outlasting their tufted counterparts by years, making them an exceptional flooring solution.

Fletco Nordic LockTiles carpet assembled
Assembly process of the Fletco Nordic LockTiles carpet

Application and Manufacturing process

LockTiles® are suitable for any type of commercial setting. The tiles have a class 33 rating signalling that they can be used in areas of heavy commercial use. LockTiles are built to withstand high foot traffic whilst maintaining their quality.

The product is 100% made in Denmark, and it is manufactured using sustainable energy sources. All of the raw materials are sourced from Europe, ensuring a high-quality product and a low-carbon supply chain. The felt backing is made of 100% recycled material containing a minimum of 50 rPET bottles per square metre further reducing the embodied carbon of the product. 

The laser-cut process used to create the uniquely shaped tiles not only helps to create a perfect fit but also prevents fraying. Additionally by re-heating the tiles all of the components can be recycled, contributing to the circular economy.

Nordic LockTiles carpet

The use of sustainable energy sources has contributed to the reduction in Embodied Carbon per square meter of the product. Using the report function of Firstplanit you can compare products against a baseline product which represents a widely used alternative within the industry. In this instance, the Embodied Carbon of Nordic LockTiles® is 16 kgCO2e/m2, less than a third of the industry standard for carpet tiles found in the market.

Firstplanit carbon evaluation of the Fletco Nordic LockTiles carpet

Certifications and Labels: Ensuring Quality and Indoor Air Comfort

LockTiles® holds several certifications and labels, further emphasizing its quality and environmental consciousness. These include the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold, M1 Emission Classification, GUT, and GUI certifications. 

eurofins Indoor air comfort certificate
M1 Emissions Classification certificate
GUT certificate
GUI certificate

To measure the toxicity of a product Firstplanit has created the following cut-off criteria: We require products to disclose the ingredients and verify the toxicity through 3rd party certifications for low toxicity or indoor air quality.

LockTiles® received a best practice score for toxicity due to the following certificates M1 Emission Classification, Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold, and the GUT Certificate. This contributed to a health impact score of 49, exceeding the baseline score of a widely used alternative by 43 points (The baseline score for a carpet flooring alternative was 6).

Company Purpose and Founders: Fletco Carpets' Dedication to Quality and Longevity

The aim of Fletco Carpets is to surpass industry standards through innovative design and unparalleled quality. Fletco believes that longevity is key to reducing carpet waste and minimizing landfill impact. LockTiles® contribute to this belief, as individual tiles can be easily replaced if damaged or stained, increasing the overall life of the carpet. 

Fletco Carpets has a rich 70-year history, being established in 1947 by Richard Jensen. Richard Jensen is the father of the brothers Benny Bent and Brian Jensen who established and developed the carpet production that has made Fletco Carpets one of Denmark´s leading carpet manufacturers.

The company began with furnishing textiles woven in Ikast, curtains and flag halyards as its main products, but these products soon gave way to carpets as the company thrived, soon moving to new premises as space became scarce. 

The area around Herning and Ikast underwent explosive development during the 1950s and 1960s, both in terms of indus­try and population – its base of departure being primarily the textiles industry. Fletco Carpets contributed to this development and benefited greatly from it.

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