Graphenstone: Natural mineral based paints

Product description

Graphenstone is widely recognized as a leading provider of sustainable and natural mineral-based paints, free of plastics, microbeads, and man-made chemicals. The product range is suitable for all areas and substrates, whether they are indoors or outdoors. 

The paint is formulated using a combination of graphene and natural minerals and materials to create a clean-tech paint product with Class 1 strength similar to plastic-based synthetic paint. 

One of the unique properties of this paint is its unparalleled CO2e profile, which provides significant CO2e savings compared to other paints, making it an unexpected source of carbon reduction. 

In addition to appreciating the benefits of the natural ingredients, it’s equally important to consider what is not included in the product makeup. Graphenstone paint does not contain any man-made chemicals, petrochemicals, microbeads, or VOC’s (trace levels only at under 1g per litre, which is one of the lowest profiles available in the market).  

Firstplanit Evaluation

For the Firstplanit evaluation we have decided to look at Graphenstone Ambient Pro + a photocatalytic lime based paint. This product range actively purifies the air, removing CO2 during the curing phase (the majority in the first 30 days) and reducing air-borne toxins daily for years after application, a complete reversal of the typically toxic modern synthetic and plastic based paints, still sold so widely around the world. 

After evaluating the product data from Graphenstone against 18 impact indicators, the experts at Firstplanit have found that the product achieved “best practice” in five categories. These categories include low embodied energy (3.233 MJ/m2), low embodied carbon (0.172 kgCO2eq/m2), low toxicity (1 g/l and formaldehyde at 0.03 µg/m3), moisture balancing (0.01 m sd value), and fire resistance (Euroclass A1). 

Following the evaluation, a product score was calculated for Environment, Social, Health, and Monetary aspects. This score was then utilised to compare Graphenstone to a popular paint product available in building supply chains, resulting in a product benefit index. The analysis showed that Graphenstone performs significantly better than the industry standard in all metrics, with its most outstanding performance observed in the health category. 

Application and manufacturing process

The Graphenstone product range is versatile, suitable for use on all types of properties and substrates, and can adapt to most climatic conditions. The range is diverse and can be used for both internal and external areas. 

Graphenstones’ commitment to sustainability starts with the sourcing of its materials, all of which are obtained from within a range of approximately 600 kilometres of its factory near Seville, Southern Spain. These materials are all-natural and sustainable, including lime, clay, chalk, and silicate. 

In addition, Graphenstone uses 100% renewable energy, taking advantage of the significant solar and wind resources in the area. They also utilize biomass, such as piths from local olive production, in the manufacturing of certain paint ranges, including pure lime-based paints, to further reduce their carbon footprint. Sustainability is integrated throughout Graphenstone’s manufacturing process, where 80% recycled water is utilised, while implementing microorganism control processes to ensure quality assurance. 

Graphenstone has been certified ISO 14001 and 9001, adhering to quality standards for both raw materials and finished products. 

Company Purpose and founders

Graphenstone is the brainchild of a chemical engineer who dedicated himself to the idea of developing a natural, ecological and health conscious coating for the 21st century. Antonio León Jiménez spent many years working as CTO in a successful Spanish coatings firm and subsequently founded Graphenstone. 

Antonio committed himself tirelessly to the development and creation of the most innovative and ground breaking line of natural paints using lime from the highest quality local sources with the addition of graphene nano-technology, for durability and tensile strength. Thus, a tradition using lime paints which had almost been forgotten has been brought back onto the market in a far more durable form. 

The aim of the company is to “change the way we all paint!” To encourage consumer and trade to consider the impact of their choice of paints on both the ecology of the planet and the health of those who live in the painted spaces.  

Another key goal is to ensure that the paints perform with no compromise (using graphene technology), despite the inclusion of long trusted minerals and natural materials as ingredients, which historically have proven brittle and with little durability or endurance. 

Additional Information

  • Kevin McCloud (Grand Design) Green Hero in 2022  
  • Marie Claire Sustainability Award for The Best Eco-Friendly Decorating Brand in 2021 
  • Partnership agreement with The Eden Project, as preferred supplier. 
  • Collaboration arrangement with Ashmolean, Oxford, recently launching a stunning new co-branded range of colours called ‘The Treasured Collection’, based on famous artefacts from the Museum’s remarkable collection.  
  • Widest range of recognised independent product evaluations and certificates of any eco-paints range globally, including Cradle to Cradle certifications for all Graphenstone’s paints ranges. Full list; 

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