Harnessing the Power of Mycelium: The Hayes Pavilion and the Future of Sustainable Creativity

Image Credit | Silver Hayes

The Hayes Pavilion is set to become a groundbreaking platform that explores the potential of mycelium, the interconnected network of mushroom roots, as a biomaterial in the creative industries. With the participation of diverse practitioners from film, TV, set design, and prestigious educational institutes, the project aims to investigate the artistic expression, creative possibilities, and environmental benefits of adopting mycelium as an alternative to environmentally impacting materials. By leveraging mycelium’s ability to transform agricultural waste into organic and compostable construction materials, the project seeks to pave the way towards a more sustainable and fungi-oriented future. 

Exploring Mycelium's Potential:

Image Credit | Silver Hayes

The Hayes Pavilion brings together a multidisciplinary team of professionals and academics from renowned institutions such as Central St Martins, the Royal College of Art, and Bath Spa University. Inspired by mycelium’s potential as a new industrial material, these practitioners will delve into the world of mycelium, exploring its applications and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with this biomaterial.  

By feeding mycelium with agricultural waste, it can be transformed into various construction materials, including alternatives to polystyrene, foam, and plastics. Crucially, these materials are entirely organic and compostable, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional options. 

Promoting Sustainability in the Creative Industries:

A central objective of the Hayes Pavilion project is to demonstrate the viability of mycelium as a sustainable alternative to environmentally harmful materials. The creative learnings and data collected during the mycelium project will be compiled into a comprehensive report to be published after Glastonbury.  

This report aims to provide the wider industry with valuable findings and recommendations on best practices for future creatives interested in incorporating mycelium into their work. By disseminating this knowledge, the project hopes to encourage a shift towards more sustainable practices within the creative industries. 

The Hayes Pavilion as a Catalyst for Change:

Beyond its immediate objectives, the Hayes Pavilion represents a recurring platform for artistic research and development at the Glastonbury festival. It aims to showcase how festivals can lead the way in embracing new ideas, materials, and products that contribute to a more sustainable future for society as a whole. By leveraging mycelium as an incredible biomaterial, the Hayes Pavilion highlights the potential of natural materials to replace environmentally impacting substances, ultimately improving sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint. 

Interview with Simon Carroll, the Visionary behind the Pavilion :

With twenty years of experience in the creative and live event industries, Carroll recognized the challenges of achieving sustainability without compromising the quality of the products and experiences people desire. His encounter with the work of Ecovative, a company disrupting polystyrene packaging with mycelium in the US, sparked the initial idea for the pavilion. Carroll views festivals as micro-cities and believes they provide the perfect environment for testing new projects that can potentially scale up to benefit society as a whole. 

The Hayes Pavilion embodies the power of mycelium as a biomaterial and its potential to revolutionize the creative industries. By bringing together a diverse group of practitioners and academics, the project explores the artistic expression, creative possibilities, and environmental benefits of mycelium adoption. The findings and recommendations resulting from the project will be shared with the wider industry to inspire and guide future creatives in their interactions with this biomaterial. Through innovative experiments and immersive experiences, the pavilion aims to catalyze change within the creative community and contribute to a more sustainable future for festivals and beyond. 

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