1 year ago

Hello from Firstplanit!

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Your home represents who you are.

Firstplanit knows that there can be a gap between what you have and how you want your home to be. Filling this gap is never easy. It can involve a lot of decisions: some big, some small. Every one of these decisions impacts you, your family, your community and the whole planet.

The way you cover your floor can cover your lungs. In the wrong location, solar panels can generate more grief than energy. Also, we know that buildings cause almost half of our environmental problems. There is a lot to think about. In-person help is expensive or difficult to find. Help online tells you what your home should look like, not how it impacts your life. So sensible renovation advice isn’t accessible and affordable for everyone!

Firstplanit is a rather good tool that acts as your online consultant. It will help you plan your renovation and tell you how your decisions will impact your bills, your health, your community and your planet. Firstplanit doesn’t do ‘one size fits all’. It tailors strategies, materials, products and tools to your project, no matter how large or small. Everything on Firstplanit is driven by independent advice and backed by rigorous research.

Firstplanit wants to make sensible sustainable-thinking an active and celebrated component of every renovation project. Because every sensible small decision adds up to a large positive impact. Sign up to register your interest in Firstplanit. So that your home can be good when you are working on making it better.