How to navigate our material library

Welcome to our how to series designed to help you navigate the Firstplanit platform. To learn how to find products in our library follow these simple steps to get started.

Step 1

The Firstplanit platform is designed for both project planners and manufacturers to accelerate the integration of sustainable choices into the built environment. This tutorial will show how easy it is for project planners to find the sustainable products they are looking for. Click on the “Project Planners get started!” button to begin. 


Step 2

This will navigate you down the front page and present you with three options. “Assess Risks”, “Find Sustainable Products” and “Plan, Compare, Organise”.  Click on “Find Sustainable Products” and we will save the other two for future articles. 


Step 3

Our materials library is composed of thousands of products, use the filters to narrow this down and find what you are looking for. Start by letting us know what opportunities you would like to prioritise for this project. You can choose from the following: Save Energy, Improve Comfort & Wellbeing, Future Proof, Protect Water and Reduce Waste.


Step 4

Next, select the type of product you are looking for using our product classification menu. From insulation and paints to acoustic boards and tiles, our database covers a range of sustainability focused materials.


Step 5

Now that you have chosen the type of product you are looking for go further and filter based on material attributes, user rating, eco labels and certifications to find the product that perfectly matches your criteria. 


Step 6

You have successfully filtered through our products and now it is time to analyse. We have developed a Firstplanit Product Impact Index to make this a hassle free process. Hover your mouse over a product and our index will compare it with an industry standard alternative against environmental, social, health and monetary factors. 

The next part of our “how to” series will teach you to compare products and create a scrapbook for your project using out tool. 

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