(re)GROWN: Sowing a Bio-Based Material Culture

Are you looking to be part of the sustainable change and transformation needed to address the social and environmental crises of our time? Then mark your calendars for an event that will empower you to make a difference.

“(re)GROWN: Sowing a Bio-Based Material Culture” is an exciting event taking place as part of Scotland’s Architecture Fringe festival, themed ‘(R)Evolution,’ and it is set to revolutionize the construction industry’s approach to sustainability. The premise behind (re)Grown is simple yet profound. To act as agents of sustainable change, the construction industry must develop holistic strategies and rapidly adopt a de-carbonized, bio-based, and circular material culture. In collaboration with Material Cultures, New Future Construction has curated an exhibition and public events program for the 2023 edition of Scotland’s Architecture Fringe festival, and it promises to be a game-changer.

As part of this event, a critical debate evening will take place, bringing together leading figures and material innovators from across the construction industry. Titled “The Future of Construction is Homegrown?,” this provocative debate will tackle the pressing issues surrounding sustainable intervention in the built environment. No idea or opinion will be dismissed or discouraged. Instead, a liberating and enjoyable atmosphere will be fostered, encouraging candid and polemical discussions.

We are thrilled to announce that Ankita Dwivedi, the visionary founder of Firstplanit, will be one of the distinguished speakers at this critical debate. Ankita, alongside other renowned professionals in the field, will offer unique perspectives and insights into the future of construction and the adoption of bio-based materials. Her extensive knowledge and experience in sustainable sourcing, production, and integrating bio-based materials into everyday applications make her an invaluable contributor to this event.

By attending “Regrown: Sowing a Bio-Based Material Culture,” you will gain profound insights into the potential of bio-based materials and their practical applications. You’ll be inspired to embrace sustainable practices and contribute to a more environmentally conscious future. This event is not just about discussions; it’s about fostering a community of change-makers and revolutionizing the construction industry.

Make sure to secure your spot at this transformative event by registering on Eventbrite today. Join Ankita and other esteemed speakers on June 8 at 105-109 French Street, Glasgow, G40 4EH, United Kingdom as we confront critical subjects head-on, challenge the status quo, and sow the seeds of a bio-based material culture that will shape the future of construction.